Our Director

Steven Robbins BA PGCE MSc

Our Teachers

Steven Robbins has 20 years international experience working as a teacher and Headteacher in England, Italy and Switzerland. He holds a first degree in Archaeology from Southampton University, UK, teaching degrees from Chichester University, UK and an MSc in Educational Leadership and Management from Leicester University, UK. Close to completing his Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, his PhD thesis explores knowledge management in schools. His publication and research interests are educational leadership and ethics, decision-making and complex dilemmas, school culture and knowledge management. As a father of four children, he has first-hand experience of raising bilingual children. As founder and school Director, Steve offers an international perspective to TIS through the eyes of an experienced practitioner researcher. 

Grande Section/ Year 1

CE2/ Year 4

CP/ Year 2

CM1/ Year 5

CE1/ Year 3

CM2/ Year 6