Tuition Fees

We at TIS do not believe in charging parents more for school tuition as their children get older and move to higher years. 

The tuition fees at TIS are the same for each and every year group, and will stay the same as your child moves through the school, class after class. We do not believe in charging more if parents choose to pay by instalments (trimester).

Application fee Primary School and Wednesday programme

A non-refundable fee in addition to tuition fees for all TIS applications, including Wednesdays

200 €

Materials for Primary School

All consumable materials, text books, exercise books and school trips for the school year

350 €

Tuition Primary School

A full, dual-language programme for the year (4 days a week)

5400 €

Wednesday Programme

TIS offers a separate programme from 9am to 12:00pm on Wednesdays for Primary aged children and from 14h00 to 17h00 for Middle school children.

Applications will be accepted from children aged 5 (Grande Section/ Year 1) to the end of Middle School, age 14 (4ème/ Year 9). Priority will be given to children currently enroled at TIS.

Tuition payments

Tuition may be paid annually or each trimester. 

Trimestrial payments are made at the beginning of July for the new school year, in December and in April of each school year.

For tuition that is paid by NGOs and corporations, please request our Corporation rates.

Instalment Fees for TIS

A full, dual-language programme including school trips for the year (4 days a week)

Instalment Fees for Wednesday Programme

Full-immersion in English, 9am to 12:00pm, 34 Wednesdays yearly.